wheatgrass at Blue Planet Natural Grill?

grass to you proudly supplies Blue Planet Natural Grill with lush trays of wheatgrass. If you’ve been meaning to try a shot but can’t make it to the farmers markets, stop in to Blue Planet.

6307 Center St., Ste. 101

Omaha, NE 68106

Thank you Blue Planet!



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grass to you mentioned on omaha.net

hello everybody.

A big thank you to Christy Pooschke for her excellent article about the Benson Farmers Market.


Come see us Saturdays at the Benson Farmers Market. 8–noon.

To your health.

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Omaha World-Herald features grass to you

grass to you is this week’s Omaha World-Herald Farmers Market Find! Check out the front page of the living section or online here:


Thanks again to Nichole at the Omaha World Herald for the excellent article about wheatgrass. In case the link breaks here is the text:

Farmers Market Find

published Wednesday June 9, 2010


The young, slender green grass blades of the common wheat plant, which yield an earthy, deep-green juice (pictured). At juice bars or health food stores, it’s often touted for its supply of chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Though some wheatgrass health claims have yet to be scientifically substantiated, the juice is definitely nutrient-packed: It contains about as much protein and iron as equal amounts of spinach, and more vitamin B12. If you’ve tried it before and thought “blech,” you may want to try again. The juice shown here, from very young wheatgrass, has a sweet, almost honeyed, finish.


The Grass To You stand at the Benson Farmers Market on Saturday. Grower Justin Graham said he grows the grass in Dundee, enriching the soil with an organic ingredient derived from volcanic ash. It costs $2 per juice shot or $15 for an 11-by-21-inch tray (about 20 shots worth) of still growing and ready-to-cut grass delivered to your home. Grass To You, which has stands at the Benson market on Saturdays and the Florence Mill market on Sundays, also sells hand-cranked juicers.


Pass it through a manual or electric juicer and drink or freeze within 24 hours for best flavor, nutrients and freshness. Graham said he juices a tray, freezes the juice in ice cube trays and thaws the cubes as needed.


Add to other juices or to smoothies for extra nutrition. Swirl into a pureed carrot soup as a green garnish. Fold into an oil-and-vinegar or honey-mustard dressing for an unusual earthy-sweet taste and green color.


New: Bing cherries, tiny strawberries, pickle-sized cucumbers, baby red and white potatoes, zucchini and garlic scapes.

Ongoing: Chinese spinach, baby bok choy, bitter and salad greens, green garlic, radishes, turnips, green onions, greenhouse tomatoes, rhubarb, fresh herbs, eggs and meat from pastured chickens, grass-finished beef, elk sausage, bison burgers, local cheese and honey.

— Nichole Aksamit, Omaha World-Herald

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Omaha World-Herald likes wheatgrass

grass to you will be featured in the Farmer’s Market Find in Wednesday’s (06/09) Omaha World-Herald.

Thank you to Nichole at the Omaha World-Herald for spreading the word about wheatgrass. Also, thank you to the hundreds of people who have made this a success, one shot at a time.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Benson Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Florence Mill Farmers Market on Sundays.

cheers to you. grass to you.

Omaha’s local grown organic wheatgrass

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wheatgrass on sundays?

Join us on Sundays at the Florence Mill Farmers Market from 11am – 3pm.

This will be Omaha’s only Sunday farmers market featuring amazingly sweet wheatgrass juice. Now there is no excuse not to try some.

Saturdays or Sundays. Whatever your day, we’ll be there. Florence Mill. Benson. grass to you. Teaming together to bring Omaha the finest organic wheatgrass.

See you there.

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Benson Farmers Market & wheatgrass (grass to you)

Thank you to all who made it to the Benson Farmers Market last saturday. It was a huge success and grass to you sold out by 11:00 am!

If you didn’t get a chance to sample, come see us again this sat. June 5th from 8 am to noon. Same place. Same time. Same great grass.

See you soon.

grass to you

omaha’s locally grown organic wheatgrass

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wheatgrass in omaha, on saturday

hey omaha. get out of bed early and try some wheatgrass.

join us on sat. may 29th at the Benson Farmers Market from 8 am – noon. it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I would be there if I were you.

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